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Payment Processing Software

Why Do Business with 911 Software, INC?


  • Established in 1995. 
  • Over 30,000 installs in USA, Canada, Australia and Japan with ability to process in most countries.
  • Delivered a wide range of payment processing solutions from the powerful payment engines for the processors, payment gateways and clearing houses to the payment processing software for Point of Sale (POS) and stand-alone applications.
  • Managed by experienced partner-owners, who were responsible for some of the most ambitious projects in the industry, such as designing and implementing the first Windows POS System and the industry's first real-time two-way data synchronization engine for large chains.
  • Privately owned and entirely POS vendor and processor independent.



  • Powerful independent consulting arm, enabling large and complex custom projects.
  • Large, payment processing software dedicated elite development team.
  • Healthy cash-flow: the business has been debt free and has a consistent average growth of 20% per year since inception.



  • We choose to adhere to truth in advertising and all interactions with our customers.  We provide neither false information, nor do we withhold information that may prevent the completion of a sale.
  • We put higher priority on customer's needs than on our immediate gain.
  • We stand behind our promises. 


Why Use Our CreditLine Payment Processing Software?


  • Freedom to choose any processor from any source insures lowest rates. We are entirely ISO-friendly. See supported payment processor list for more info.
  • Option to participate in revenue sharing and to obtain the software at no charge from our partners. For more info see this link.
  • No recurrent charges, transaction fees or surcharges.
  • Save with AMEX High Speed IP Split-Auth and Split-Settlement
  • FREE Support
  • FREE Training
  • FREE Upgrades


  • PCI - Exempt Program to isolate your application from any and all credit card, debit card and other secure data.
  • PCI SSC PA-DSS, as well as PABP CISP certified.  For more info see  PA-DSS guide for Payment Processing Software.
  • If needed, we can assist you in certifying your product with our recommended Independent Auditors at a significantly lower cost.

Unique Features

  • AMEX IP High Speed Split-Authorization and Split-Settlement: we are the first to deliver it to the market. Most of our competition has no plans to do so at this time.
  • Transparent Offline Rush Approval Mode and API for emergency processing during connectivity failures.
  • Secure Credit Card Storage API.
  • Free Merchant Account Validation.
  • All industries, including True Restaurant Mode for all processors, IP & dial-up.
  • International processing: US, Canada, Australia and Japan with ability to process in most countries.



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