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CreditLine Payment Processing Software CreditLine Processor Setup. This site can also be reached at http://docs.911software.com

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Please see Processor Support Contact List

Firewall And Connection Information

IMPORTANT: If using a firewall, please open port 443 for both incoming and outgoing traffic

This information is set in c:\911\data\ccv_link.ini

[Link TCP.HPSSSL]<br\> Host=httpsprod.secureexchange.net<br\> Port=443<br\> TestHost=httpstest.secureexchange.net<br\>

Connection Setup

  1. Enter CreditLine Connection Configuration Dialog
  2. Select the first line and click Edit
  3. Configure as shown below
HPS Connection Setup

Merchant Setup

Settlement Configuration

  1. Enter CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog
  2. Configure the Settlement as shown below by selecting the correct Net Type ;
    See Authorization Configuration for info on Apply To All Auths checkbox
  3. Click Merchant Setup to enter Merchant Setup Dialog and configure Merchant Info as shown below ;
    HPS Merchant Setup

Settlement Setup Guidelines

  1. Check the Merchant Setup in Settlement Configurations: if there are any fields that are completely '0' put a '1' at the end. For instance if Location Number is 00000 make it 00001.
  2. If any fields are not defined, use 1 padded with 0's
  3. If Terminal Identification has any letters in it like V replace those with 0. For instance, V551225705512257.

Authorization Configuration

If you use Apply To Auths in CreditLine Settlement Configuration, you do not need to setup the CreditLine Authorization Configuration.


→ If Apply To Auths is checked, version 3.03.09 and up propagates the Merchant Setup in CreditLine Settlement Parameters Dialog to the Authorization Configuration in CreditLine Authorization Parameters Dialog for all accepted cards of the same class.

For older versions see CreditLine Apply To All Auths Legacy

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